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Dissertation on the topic - Virtual Banking: A study analyzing the future of Retail banking in New Zealand

Number of Words : 19034

Number of References : 16


  Introduction – General overview, Problem statement, Research questions, Purpose & Significance of the study, Design & Research methods, Proposed Data Analysis
  Literature review
  Research methodology – Introduction, Quantitative approach, Secondary data collection, Primary data collection, Sample size, Questionnaire design, Limitations
  Data results
  Data analysis


Virtual banking can be basically defined as a bank which does not have a physical location. It is a bank which only conducts business online, either using a phone or a computer. In this particular research, the author presents information on how the virtual banking concept is spreading all over the world and how more and more banks are adopting the virtual banking concept to reduce their operating cost and to provide better service to their customers. <br />The research also provides detailed information on the various tools which a bank can adopt in order to move its retail banking business to virtual bank. It also gives detailed information on the various software development companies which are providing software solutions for most of the virtual banks around the world.<br />In a place like New Zealand, where 99% of its population is literate and around 70-80 percent of its population uses internet, virtual banking is bound to be a success story. <br />This research will be valuable to the following type of companies<br />1) Banks that are willing to move from real to virtual world in order to reduce their expenses and secondly, to provide exceptional anywhere banking facilities to customers.<br />2) It will also be beneficial to software development companies as the research will give them an insight into the banking habits of the people living in New Zealand.<br />3) International companies providing and developing this type of virtual banking software will also benefit as the research provides detailed information about the companies and the kind of software they are providing. <br />

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