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Challenges in Virtual Meetings and the Proposed Solutions

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  Executive summary
  Problem definition
  Definition of Key Terms
  Virtual meeting Spaces
  Web Conferences
  Informational Sources
  Characteristics of an effective virtual meeting
  Challenges in Virtual Meetings
  Proposed Solutions


In the competitive world of today, organisation are increasingly conducting the business in the virtual spaces. Employees may be located any part of the world, they might be from different time zones and from various cultural background. Virtual workspace is an environment where the employees are working away from the physical work place of the enterprise. The work is communicated to them by means of telephone or internet. Though it has many advantages like saving time, providing job to people who cannot move away from their home, part time job for house wives whose priority is their little kids etc., it has its own challenges to be met with. Some of them are diversity found in the culture, communication gap and unaware of the know how of using the advance technology. It can be over come by educating the virtual team members in the respective challenges which prevents them in achieving objectives of virtual team. HRM helps in achieving the successful virtual team by providing necessary training, implementing advanced technology tools etc., With the approach which is solution based, which focuses on HRM training, effective communication, advanced technology, proper leadership style to manage the virtual teams, it is possible to conduct the most effective virtual meetings.<br />

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