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Critical analysis of the article – ‘Vitamin D and calcium supplementation reduces cancer risk: results of randomized trial’

Number of Words : 2603

Number of References : 4


  Background of the Research
  Analysis of Background/Introduction Section of the Study
  Need for Conducting this Study
  Lack of Critical Review of Existing Literature
  Contribution of study if it would have published in the past
  Hypothesis Tested in the Study
  Analysis of Research Methods
  Research Design Selected in the Research
  Strengths and Weaknesses of Design
  Decisions Made in the Design
  Techniques used in the Study and their Appropriateness
  Results and Discussion


The background of the research can be better identified from the title of the research itself, as it implies that the composition of vitamin D and calcium supplementation would be significant in ensuring a reduction in the level of cancer risks among patients. The study is all set to examine the impact of calcium alone and the calcium vitamin D in ensuring a reduction in cancer risk of all types. In performing the study, it aims to utilise a randomised trial among a groups of selected sample whereby the effectiveness of calcium and vitamin D is assessed for reducing the cancer risks. Thus, the main purpose of the study is to examine whether the calcium along with vitamin D is effective or not towards protecting patients from various types of cancer risks.<br />

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