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Marketing report analysing the characteristics and factors that influence a product using the example of Washing machine

Number of Words : 3543

Number of References : 18

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 Contents 1
 Introduction 2
 The Washing Machine --- Marketing Perspective 3
 Critical Analysis of the Characteristics of Washing Machine and its Evolution over time 4
 The benefits and value for the consumers and the companies 4
 Changes in marketing strategy and implications 6
 Changes in Design 7
 Effects of changes in design and marketing on mass customization and marketing communications 8
 Washing Machine--- Appeal as a brand 9
 Whirlpool --- A Case Study 10
 Design 10
 Marketing 12
 Conclusion 14
 References 15


The last century has seen tremendous improvements in science and technology and this in turn has resulted in technological developments that have made an impact on the industries. The products and services have grown manifold to what they were 50 years ago and so has the competition in the market. In such a competitive world, innovation becomes very important, both in designing and marketing the products or services. Hence, it is very important for a company to analyse and understand the market before developing and marketing a product or a service to achieve commercial success. It becomes vital to identify the characteristics of a product related to innovation, design, promotion from a marketing perspective.<br />This report is aimed at understanding and identifying the characteristics and factors that influence a product. In order to do so, washing machine, which is a consumer product, is chosen for analysis. The author first explains from a marketing perspective why a washing machine is chosen for analysis and identifies characteristics of the product from a marketing perspective. The characteristics of washing machine are critically evaluated. The benefits of changes in the washing machine over time on the consumer and the manufactures are analysed. Concepts like commoditization and mass customization are introduced. The changes in design and marketing strategy and their implications are studied. The report is concluded by discussing how a washing machine appeals as a brand, and the case study of Whirlpool Corporation.<br />

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