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Dissertation focussing on using Weighted Return on Investment (ROI) as a framework for the companies to measure their marketing effectiveness

Number of Words : 13326

Number of References : 34


 Introduction 4
 The UK Car Market 5
 The Impact of Recession on UK Car Market 6
 A Forecast of the UK Car Market after Recession 9
 Toyota UK 10
 Toyota’s initiatives to Environmental Protection 10
 Toyota’s Relationship Model with People 12
 BMW UK 14
 Sustainability in the UK 15
 Nissan UK 16
 Nissan’s Commitment towards Society 17
 Marketing Audit 19
 Marketing Effectiveness and Marketing Efficiency 20
 Internal Environment 21
 Components of Internal Environment 23
 Intangible Components 24
 Weighting Internal Environmental Factors 25
 External Environment 28
 Components of External Environment 29
 Intangible components 30
 Weighting External Environmental Components 32
 Intangible Outcomes of Marketing Efforts 34
 Measuring Marketing Effectiveness and Weighted Environmental Influences 37
 Marketing ROI adjusted to the influence of Internal Environment 38
 Marketing ROI adjusted to the influence of External Environment 42
 Recommendations to BMW, Toyota and Nissan on measuring Marketing Effectiveness 46
 Toyota UK 46
 BMW UK 48
 Nissan UK 50
 Conclusion 52
 References 54


Organizational marketing efforts are aimed at achieving the desired business and market objectives. Although, organizations are interested in making more sales, many of the organizations do not really measure the outcome of the marketing efforts. However, more and more companies these days are interested in measuring their marketing efforts. A simple marketing effectiveness measurement method is the calculation of marketing ROI. Marketing audit using marketing ROI is done for the purpose of knowing effectiveness of the marketing efforts and are not made public to shareholders. Marketing ROI is completely different from the organizational ROI. Marketing effectiveness or ROI is also done to estimate the marketing budget and for improvising marketing efforts. Marketing ROI is single dimensional and does not consider intangible benefits of the marketing efforts such as creation of brand value, sales inquiries etc. However, these intangible benefits can be weighted to provide an accurate picture of the outcome of marketing efforts. The marketing ROI does not take into account the influence of internal and external environments of the organization on the outcome of marketing efforts. The paper discusses the intangible benefits and how they could be weighted to measure the overall ROI. However, the main purpose of this dissertation is to create a frame work that accounts for the influence of internal and external environment to the outcome of the marketing efforts. Internal environmental factors are strength of the product, strength of the brand, effectiveness of dealer network, reliability and effectiveness of service provided. The external environmental influences are economy of the nation, economy of the industry governmental policies, competition etc.. While internal environmental factors are specific to the company, external environmental factors affect the industry in general. The car manufacturing companies BMW UK, Toyota UK and Nissan UK are considered for the purpose of this study. The paper first discusses the UK car market in general and the operations of each of these companies. The paper provides a framework to these companies individually to measure the marketing effectiveness using weighted ROI. The companies will have a better picture of the efficacy of their marketing efforts if they consider both tangible and intangible factors that contribute to the success of the marketing efforts. <br />

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