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Discussion on ‘Whether firms should take responsibility for anything other than maximising shareholder returns’ considering various aspects of Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)

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 Introduction 2
 Corporate Social Responsibility 3
 Corporate Social Responsibility --- Mixed Reactions 4
 Corporate Social Responsibility --- Why Practice CSR? 4
 Corporate Social Responsibility --- Contradiction to the Fundamentals of Business 7
 Corporate Social Responsibility --- Author’s Stand 9
 Implications of a Business on Environment --- A CSR Perspective 9
 Conclusion 10
 References 12


The role of a business has gone through a lot of changes in the last few centuries. The model of business and the way businesses are run all have gone through tremendous change. The scale and the size of corporations also has increased manifold, especially, in the last century. This tremendous growth has led to rapid developments of the societies and communities that they operate and also have had various adverse affects on these societies and the communities. This has given rise to various debates over the responsibilities of these companies and corporations. Some believe that firms must be responsible and be accountable for their actions and also have a responsibility to contribute to the society or the community, in a larger scale, to the country that they operate in. But there are others who argue that the main purpose of a business is to make profits and that is the most fundamental essential of a business. They argue that a firm must only be responsible and be accountable its stakeholders and its main responsibility is to maximize the returns of its shareholders. This has given rise to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). <br />The author strongly believes that a firm must be responsible and accountable for its actions and CSR must practiced by every firm. The assignment is aimed at discussing both the sides of the argument over CSR and then to justify the author’s position on CSR. Also the report discusses the implications of the author’s stand for a manager who is concerned about the impacts of his/her company on the environment.<br />

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