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Essay on Whistle blowing in Australian Public sector

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 Contents of the assignment –
  Outcomes of Whistleblowing
  Protection of the Whistleblower
  Conclusion and Recommendations


Whistleblowing in organizations is nothing but bringing to the notice of the top management some discrepancies in the operations that involve integrity issues of the personnel involved. Whistleblowing exists in almost all the industries and yet organization tend to ignore them (Brown & Donkin, 2007). Whistleblowing invokes some kind of crisis as it brings about some ugly truths into focus. There is a widespread belief in organizations that whistle blower is eventually ‘reprimanded’ for exposing the irregularities in the organization (Brown & Donkin, 2007). Employees try to act safe and try not to whistle blow about the irregularities they know (Brown & Donkin, 2007). The long term effects of whistleblowing could be positive. However, in the short term the organizational management is faced with the task of finding the truth in the allegations, taking actions against those that have violated the ethical or the moral code or their job responsibilities. This paper discusses whistleblowing in organizations, the repercussions of whistleblowing, the protection of the whistle blower from reprisals. The paper finally makes recommendations as to how the organization can actually bring in whistleblowing in the main processes of organization and benefit from the positive effects of whistleblowing. <br />

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