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Discussion on - Given the recent economic difficulties experiences in various countries around the world, consider: Why an Organization might wish to utilize the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility in relation to its choice of leaders.

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 The various factors that drive the companies to go for various activities in CSR
 The various theories that surround the concept of CSR
 Neo- Classical View by Friedman
 Stake holder theory (Chandler, D. & Werther, W. 2006)
 Carroll Pyramid of CSR
 Triple bottom line
 Competitive advantage by Porter
 Few examples from the multi national companies engaged in the CSR activities
 Coca Cola initiatives
 General Motors, USA – CSR activity
 Benefits from CSR activities


In the 21st century, we have seen that there has been a wide deep change in the triangular relationship among the corporate, community and the state. The relationship between the companies and the community or the society has under gone a sea change rather slowly and gradually. The corporate are no longer individual entities in the current market. The role and the responsibility of the corporate have also been extended to serving the society at a cost. Today, the corporate has realized that if they spend a single penny on the improvement and development of the nation then they can expect double fold in the revenue in the coming time (Kotler, P., & Lee, N. 2005).<br />The companies have realized this fact that if they serve the community in the way they want to be then the companies can expect long years of survival in the same community; they can ensure their own presence and growth in the similar society. To achieve this, the companies will have to share the profits made by investing in the growth of the society and this is very well seen by the companies in the 21st century. Yes even in a situation of credit crunch, economic depression where the company’s expenses exceed the revenue, in this type of a scenario the companies continue to spend on the community. For the growth of the company in the emerging markets the companies are shelling out large part of their incomes on the development of the society. <br />After 1990, there has been a sea wide change in the corporate world where the companies are operating outside the boundaries in the overseas market. To develop a name and a brand in these emerging markets, the companies are targeting the customers and the state. They are aiming at building a powerful relationship among themselves with that of the society and the state (Gray, 2001). The companies aim at building relationship with the state as even today after the globalization of the economies the companies have to abide by the International law, rules and regulations. To ensure the companies success overseas the companies have to maintain good relation with the state government. <br />

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