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Analytical essay on the Role of Wine Labels

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 Introduction 2
 Wine Labeling 3
 Wine Labels and what the customers expect of them 4
 Impact on guests and staff of the hotel of inconsistent labeling 4
 The Role of the Hotel Manager in addressing this issue 6
 Conclusion 7
 References 8


Wine consumption dates back to the times human civilization was first known. Wine preparation has evolved since then and currently wine manufacturing industry is growing at a rapid phase. Between 1998 and 2003 the global wine market has grown by 12 percent (Synergyst, 2006). Global wine industry is becoming sophisticated by the day and the consumers are becoming more choosy about what they drink (Synergyst, 2006). There are varieties of wines apart from the main variety i.e. red and white wine. The wine taste varies depending upon the time it is left to ferment (George, 1989). Some of the costliest wines are matured for over a century. Wines are made of variety of agricultural produces such as grapes, apple, rice, barley, rice and many other fruits and grains (MacNeal, 2001). However, the most popular wine type is the one made from grapes. Varieties of grapes are used to make wines. The common broad category of grapes used to make wines is white grapes and red grapes (MacNeal, 2001). The wines are also accordingly named as red wine and white wine or champagne. Wine labels are important source of information for customer as they convey the information on source and origin of wine. Some wine labels display types of grapes used in making the wine and some do not. When customers at hotels wish to know what the particular wine brand they are ordering is made of, the managers would find themselves in difficulty if the type of grapes is not mentioned on the label. Generic wine labels of wines made in France do not have grape varieties printed and varietal wine labels in Australia have the grape variety printed on the label. This report analyses the how the presence or absence of grape varieties printed on wine labels affect the hotel staff, managers and the guests. The report also recommends measure to deal with the issue when grape varieties are not printed on labels and customers insist on knowing it. <br />

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