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Assignment on the Supply chain issue of Wings & Legs (W&L)

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 Executive Summary
 1. .Introduction 2
 2. .The Case - A Brief History of Wings & Legs 3
 3. .Literature Review: Supply Chain Approaches 4
 3.1. .Supply Chain Management 4
 3.2. .Lean, Agile and Leagile Method 5
 4. .An Analysis of Hybrid Model for W&L 6
 5. .Conclusion 8
 6. .List of References 9


In an era where Customer is King, companies have become quite vigilant to respond with the customer oriented approaches. With the onset of changing patterns of demand and requirement, the increased interest in SCM (Supply Chain Management) has come into effect. The businesses that opt to fit into the customer based strategy are actively looking forward for flexible supply chain to survive in the cut throat competition market structure. This paper attempt to zero in on the case of Wings & Legs, which is a poultry business to access an in-depth overview of changes required in traditional model of Supply Change. <br />The report investigates into the detailed perspective of different approaches of SC and when and how they are required as per the nature of business cost, lead-time, service level and quality. It has also attempted to cover up the level of the leanness and agility of a case supply chain. The study wraps up with the rationalization of the phenomenon that focus to assess the impact of factors relating to market qualifying criteria and market winning criteria on the three categories of supply chains: lean, agile and Leagile with respect to recommendations for Wings & Legs as per the suggested best strategy.<br />

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