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Assignment on Monitoring system of Woolworth, Australia

Number of Words : 3387

Number of References : 8


 This assignment follows the following structure –
  Introduction to monitoring systems and the development of indicators in general (1-3 pages). In this section students should review the literature on the characteristics of good monitoring systems and the features that contribute to effective indicators.
  Description of the enterprise (1 page) i.e. Woolworths Limited, Australia
  Listing and justification of the sustainability dimensions that are most relevant to this enterprise (2-4 pages). In this section students should identify and describe a range of socio-cultural, economic and environmental dimensions that apply to the operation of the chosen enterprise and explain how each is relevant.
  Description and critical evaluation of the list of indicators developed to monitor the dimensions identified in the previous section (2-4 pages). In this section students should describe the indictors they have developed and match these to the dimensions listed in the previous section. This description must include what the indicator is, how it will be measured and reported and any limitations or challenges associated with it.
  References (APA style)


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