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Customer & competitor analysis on Woolworths Ltd

Number of Words : 2006

Number of References : 5

Popular By : Woolworths Competitors analysis, Woolworth SWOT analysis, Woolworth Customer analysis


  Woolworths limited company – Overview, Woolworth’s divisions
  Supermarkets industry
  Competitors analysis – Woolworths vs Coles Myer, Coles competitive profile, Woolworth SWOT analysis
  Customer analysis – Who the customer are?, What do they buy?, Why do they buy?, When do they buy?, Where do they buy the products?


This report does the customer and competitor analysis of Woolworths Limited Company, the biggest supermarket chain in Australia, through secondary research from published information and Internet. Firstly, the overview information of Woolworths Limited was presented with the comparison of 4 major divisions (Supermarkets, Hotel group, General Merchandise and Consumer Electronics). Secondly, this Supermarkets industry is analyzed to point out the proportion of competitor and the influences of environmental factors to them. This information will give an overview of competitive environment as context for analysis of competitors. Thirdly, analysis of competitor of Woolworths Limited is done to answer the questions about what the competitors want, how is their current strategy, what is the weakness and strength of their products and what should they do next in the future. Besides, the customers are considered not only the current customers of Woolworths but also both the competitor customers and the potential customers in order to understand them clearly. Finally, based on the knowledge of competitors and customers, some recommendations to the Woolworth Limited strategies development are made to improving customer experience as well as maintaining the competitive advantage.<br />

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