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Merger and Acquisition: A Case Study on Woolworths

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  Interest in Rivals
  Coles Myer Group
  SWOT Analysis of Woolworths
  SWOT analysis of Coles
  Market Capitalization of both Woolworth and Coles Myer as at October 2010
  Valuation and Funding


This assignment is based on the following criteria – <br />Criteria<br />The assignment request a target which fits within the existing focus of the bidder 'as reflected by its current activities and direction and relates to its existing operations (as broadly defined)'. Whilst we provide this as a guide to assist students we are prepared to consider acquisitions outside these guidelines provided there is a sound argument to support the case. The most common difficulty we encounter with the criteria is that they are too general. The test we apply in marking is 'If someone gave me this list would I be able to identify a short targeted list of companies which satisfy many of these criteria?'. The other problem encountered is allowing the target to drive the criteria ie. Selecting the target first and attempting to justify it through the criteria. Better assignments demonstrate a clear link between the SWOTs identified and the list of criteria. Better assignments provide a list of 6–10 criteria which included identification of specific attributes which the target should have e.g.<br />has internet development skills or content suitable for internet distribution features strong recurring service revenues associated with higher growth sector such as internet provision or data storage services is not currently subject to ACCC or other regulatory requirements in particular fixed line service obligations or ACCC declared assets will deliver complementary customers and brandnames to bidder's existing business (aim to build critical mass to address this weakness) etc. proven export capabilities with particular emphasis on higher growth markets of Asia or South America If you are having trouble identifying suitable companies and find yourself looking at a variety of different industries this is probably indicative of criteria that are too general.<br />

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