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WORKERS’ COMPENSATION AND INJURY MANAGEMENT ACT, 1981 - A brief summary of the law on compensation to workers

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This assignment is based on the following requirements – <br />PART ONE <br />• Using all of the Act’s ‘Parts’ as headings prepare an overview of the points in each Part you consider most relevant to a business with safety, claims and injury management responsibilities. If it is not relevant state reasons why. <br />• Your summary should demonstrate an understanding of the Act therefore minimal or NO quotes will be used. Use your own words. <br />• You need to read the entire Act and it is suggested the summaries on the WorkCover WA website may assist with understanding. <br />PART TWO <br />o Define the provisions for common law under WCIM Act <br />o Discuss how it relates to the OSH Act 1984 <br />

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