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Assignment on Impacts of Workplace Relations Act 1996 on HRM functions

Number of Words : 1822

Number of References : 5


 Introduction to human resource management functions
 Key changes of work choices
 The nature of employment contracts
 New unfair dismissal laws
 Reduced employee industrial action power
 Human resource functions
 Work-choices and the human resource management functions
 Evaluation of workplace relations


November 2005 marked an era of significant change within work places Australia wide with the introduction of the <b>Workplace Relations</b> Act 1996. The Work choice legislation has affected the <b>human resource management (HRM) functions</b> in several aspects including staffing, performance evaluation, training and industrial relations. The legislation covers three key changes of work place agreements, unfair dismissal laws and the union power. In relation to the <b>human resource functions</b> seek to improve and sustain the employee motivation to assist in achieving the organization’s goals and objectives.<br />

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